Friday, September 30, 2016

Teaching Theatre is my Happiness!

What I LOVE about teaching THEATRE!

"The Students" (from High School to Intermediate School):  My high school kids loved me!  They did (and I know sometimes I wasn't very lovable!)  How do I know they loved me?  They hung out in my room, they brought me chocolate, they brought me Coke Zero (which I gave up a year ago---sadness), they wrote me thank you cards, they hugged me, they got after me when I swore (thank you guys, I don't swear no more!) they wanted to be my friends on Facebook (which I only accepted after they graduated.) They send me wedding invitations and baby announcements! They still send me messages years later, and they even come to visit me!

My intermediate students love me too!  They knock constantly on my door before school and at lunch!  (Can I get anything done?!) They want to show me this, or ask me that, or can we please clean your room, etc.  They also bring me chocolate sometimes, or sweaty little Swedish fish out of their pockets, and gifts cards for teacher appreciation week!  They give me high-fives in the hall, and forgive me if I make them cry (I try not to do that very often.)  They work hard for me with a minimum of complaining.

"The Students"...MY kids!  (and they will always be my kids!)  That's why teaching Theatre is my happiness!  I want them to succeed! I want them to love themselves, to develop confidence, and coping skills.  I want them to be strong, and take responsibility!  I want them to have fun, to grow, to create, to live.

So,  I make them participate in the games we play in class.  And I push them on stage to try harder, work smarter, and be better.  I love when they get applause and feel good about themselves.

And guess what?  I love them.  I show up to work each day...usually with a smile on my face.  I talk to them in the hall and give them high-fives.  I let them into my room before school; I make lesson plans so they can learn.  I bring them candy and think of excuses to give it to them.  I listen to their sad stories, and their corny jokes.  I love when I see them at the mall!  I stay after school and work for hours so they can succeed.  They make me happy!

And that's why I teach!


  1. Ha-ha. Sweaty little Swedish fish from their pockets! 😂 You're very right. Students truly love you!!

  2. Do you eat their "sweaty little Swedish fish from their pockets!"