Thursday, March 2, 2017

Teaching Theatre is my Happiness: TIME!


"Lion King" Jr. is over!  And it was a fabulous!

The cast party is done, the DVD's, pictures, and cast photos are all distributed, and for the most part, it is over.

I was so tired it seems for weeks after we closed.  Striking is so much faster than set up.  But it is a lot of work to put things away, wash costumes, clean up, etc.  I usually strike mostly by myself.

Throughout the production, I have around 70 parent volunteers that help set up, sew costumes, handle concessions, etc.  But, I like to get strike over with as soon as possible, so I tend to take it down myself rather than wait for a day when parents can come and help.

As I take the set down, I contemplate how the production went. This year, I have determined (a personal epiphany?) that TIME matters.

Giving people your TIME is quite a sacrifice.  Time is such a precious commodity.  To give someone your time, really means that person matters to you.  To sacrifice time with my family to be with the "Lion King" kids, meant that those kids were valuable in my eyes.  I don't know if they always knew that, or if they always appreciated what I was doing for them.  But I know it mattered, and it made a difference in their lives.

Rehearsals were not always extremely productive, and sometimes that's ok.  Once in a while you just gotta have fun together, chill and relax together!  But, the performances were still awesome.  And the kids still gained confidence in themselves.

As I thought about the TIME it took to put together the production of "Lion King", I couldn't help but compare that experience with raising children and my marriage.

Often I would like to spend more TIME with my husband.  There were many, many TIMES I don't feel like I gave (give) my children valuable "rehearsal" time on their journey to becoming adults.   But, sometimes, that's ok.  It is important to have fun together, chill and relax together.  "It took a lot of TIME and effort to raise my (children)."  (quote from a classroom play)  It took a lot of time and effort to grow my marriage.  A sacrifice for sure.  And it is not done, I am still giving them my time.  It's the least I can do to show them I love them and they are worth something to me.

TIME MATTERS.  Recent studies contradict the idea that quality time is more important than quantity time.   The original premise was that it didn't matter how much time you spent with your kids, it only mattered that the time was highly productive.

More recent research shows that :kids need both with their parents. In fact, the more involved parents are with their children - and the word "more" here is used with direct reference to the concept of quantity - the less likely they are to have social, emotional, or academic problems, use drugs or alcohol, become involved in crime, or engage in premarital sex."  (


This makes sense to me.  TIME spent with your family--any TIME, shows them that you love them, that you want to be with them, that they are worth your time.  As human beings, we are social beings. We NEED to be with other people.  We need to know that we are valuable.  TIME is the best way to show someone that you care.

A few things from the above article to consider:
"Is your employment outside the home a matter of providing for basic needs, or are you driven by materialistic desires or a longing for personal significance? Are there any aspects of "maintaining a household" that you can afford to sacrifice? Do you attach a greater value to status or appearance than to the well-being of the people with whom you share your life? After all, a spotless home isn't nearly as important as a close relationship with your spouse and children.

Another suggestion: one of the easiest ways to make more time for loved ones is to turn off the TV. In the average American home, the television is on 49 hours a week. By way of contrast, the average amount of time that both parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children is 39 minutes a week. If you need more time with your spouse and your kids, make the obvious choice. Instead of watching TV, read together, play board games together, take a walk to a local park, or sit and talk.

If you have children, it's also important to avoid the temptation to get them overly involved in activities outside the home. Some parents feel pressure to sign their children up for numerous sports teams, music and dance lessons, social clubs, and all kinds of community organizations. Don't fall prey to this mindset. Kids don't need a dozen different weekly activities. They need quality and quantity time with loving, involved, and committed parents."

Aging has taught me what it teaches most people:  TIME flies!  It is gone quicker than you could imagine, and then your children are grown and have babies of their own!  I try to still give them time but with us all spread out, it is difficult.  TAKE TIME!  Use it wisely! Enjoy it, cherish it, value it!  If I could have one wish, it would be to spend just a little bit more TIME with my own mommy, who died 10 years ago this month.  TIME to just sit and chat with her and tell her once more how much I love her.  TIME to hug her and learn from her, and most of all...just to be with her.